A Great Realtor Will Work Hard For You

Paul Maciel believes in service and hard work.  Trustworthy, he puts his clients first. 

A Great Realtor Will Work Hard For You

Paul Maciel believes in service and hard work.  Trustworthy, he puts his clients first.


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What A Great Realtor Does

Realtor Paul Maciel, as your real estate agent, takes his obligation to do everything to help you sell your home very seriously. He is an agent that you can trust. He will do everything he can to get the most money in the shortest time while making sure that he smooths any difficulties encountered as much as he can.

Unlike other realtors that do as little as possible, unbeknowst to the average home seller that does not know about real estate sales, Paul will do his best to cover all the bases needed. He will not just post a sign and hope it will attract a buyer as some realtors do.

In the real estate industry, 7% of industrious realtors transact 93% of the sales! Paul Maciel is one of the 7%.

The following is a list of the basic things a great realtor should do for you as Paul Maciel does for his customers:

1. Price the property correctly.

Top notch realtors such as Paul will use their understanding of the market, their training, and comparable sales to tell you what the actual fair market value for your house is. Many realtors will tell you what you want to hear just to get your business. Although this is against the code of ethics realtors are suppose to adhere to, many want to get your business so badly that they actually lie to you.

Pricing too high can cause buyers to avoid looking at your home, and after too long, your house will develop a bad reputation. Eventually, you’ll drop the price but by then, buyers will see how long you’ve had the house on the market and assume something is wrong with it and continuing to avoid it.

It takes skill to price a property correctly. Beware that using a price per square foot is not a good method to price a house unless all the homes in your area are identical, which most are not.

2. Actively market your property.

Marketing your home well is very important. Your agent should take excellent pictures of your property, even hiring a professional to take them if needed. Great photographs are absolutely one of the top elements in selling houses.

Your agent should know how to get the word out beyond just the use of the Multiple LIsting Service or MLS. Your realtor should have a website as well as utilize social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

All of the marketing tools used by your real estate should be top quality. This includes all brochures, pictures and videos used to market your property. The Real Estate agents marketing material should be top-notch, from photographs to videos to the brochures used to market the home.

Investing in a quality Real Estate agent who understands how crucial the marketing is will reap substantial benefits.

3. Communicate to keep seller informed.

Paul Maciel will keep you informed on what is being done to sell your house. He will update his customers on feedback from showings and other items of concern. Nothing is worse for the seller than not hearing and not knowing what is going on.

This includes returning all emails, calls, etc. in a timely manner.

4. Qualify the buyer.

In order to keep people from wasting your time, Paul Maciel will ensure that potential buyers are pre-approved for a home loan. Pre-approval includes an analysis of the buyer’s credit report, verify income, or employment, which will be key factors in whether they can get a mortgage. It is not the same as pre-qualified.

5. Negotiate The Best Terms.

The best realtors, such as Paul Maciel, will fight for the best terms and conditions for their customers. Hiring a realtor that puts their customers’ needs first will result in the best results for you. They will advocate and won’t hesitate to counteroffer with prices more favorable to their customers. Paul Maciel will always keep his customers interests at first priority.

6. Attend The Home Inspection

Even if a realtor is not expected to be present at a home inspection, they should do it as the representative for the seller nevertheless. That way, by listening and learning, the agent hears what the inspector says first hand. Knowing these things, they can ward off unreasonable requests from buyers possibly with exaggerated issues.

7. Attend The Home Appraisal.

The same goes for a realtor attending a home appraisal. Being present, realtors can answer questions for the appraiser as well as ensure that the appraiser understands the facts about the property. Sometimes, the realtor is the most qualified to any these questions.

8. Finalize Loose Ends.

A good realtor will know the little details that need completion to finalize everything for closing. For example, your agent should take final sewer/water readings, make sure you ahve the smoke and carbon monoxide detector certificate, and other issues.

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